Saturday, June 9, 2018

Off Season

 Both kids are still busy with robotics even though it is the off season. For Greta it means still meeting 1-2 times a week after school. It is also time to have fun as they recruit for the next Fall and fill the empty spaces of those that moved on and out. 
 If you are a new recruit that means a confetti shower and a song made just for you... 
 I'm still mentoring both teams next year and will be heading the girls team central here this summer.. My poor finally clean garage will now be taken up with a big Lego table and gear.

We Cook Stuff

Fieldin thinks we need to open a restaurant. We cook alot of good food at home and rarely eat out. We make about every type of food, the kids favorites being Thai and German currently. The kids have gained a pretty good palette over the years and laugh at what others would call "spicy". Lucky for them, Jeff and I found our love of cooking when they were babies and they were spoiled ever since. My specialties are soups, stews, Mexican and curry dishes. Jeff' makes amazing Chinese, Thai and breakfasts. 
One thing we never mastered or tried was pizza, which is probably the most simple of all. I think we finally nailed it, which isn't easy when you are making a flour and egg free dough. 
So now, no more searching for good pizza. We can make that at home too. 
Oh and Fieldin, we already have a restaurant. We make you what you order, hear you critique it and are kind to your demands. Sounds like we have a great restaurant but maybe not a great customer :) Where's my tip? 

Strawberry Parade

 This is the one time of year this girl gets payback for playing drums. All year the others have to schlep their instruments to and from school, where Greta just carried her drumsticks. When they march she gets hers.. she carries the tri tom which is about half her body weight on the looong parade route in the heat. 
 Carrying this big drum is a privilege but it doesn't look like it from afar. :)
It was her last parade of the year. At least it wasn't raining?? And she didn't have to wear her itchy wool band sweater:) 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

7 More Days

7 more days and I say goodbye to another class of little rascals. This was my fifth year teaching preschool. The countless memories make me smile. I am pretty sure I can't get through a day of work without laughing hysterically, smiling til my cheeks hurt and sometimes I lose my voice from singing and talking. This year I hung up all my past class pictures and had fun showing parents and my current students past pictures of their siblings and even their cousins. My photo wall is growing and so is my heart. I am blessed to have a job I am excited to go to in the morning. I am beyond lucky to have a job that fulfills my families needs, my own need to contribute to society and the love I get to give and receive from all the kids and families. Those 5 years went by fast. They were also full of magic thanks to all those sweet children. Some say they think I am going to be a "lifer". I guess time will tell. 

Domino Effect

 There is never a dull moment around here. I seem to always be up to trouble and my poor Jeff always gets pulled in. I saw a funny quote about if you want your husband to do something, start doing it yourself. It is funny but it seems to be true as well. After 8 rainy years, the front porch wood was rotting. I made the mistake of kicking it and it was more rotten then I thought. Above is what the porch looked like after I took a hammer to it and cleaned up my mess before Jeff got home! 
 It went a little like this: Hammer, mallet and then recruited muscle. 
 and we decided we like it better this way. Fieldin said it looked like a southern sitting porch. So then we had to buy rocking chairs. Then we had to buy more plants. Now we sit and rock and the porch is getting used again. 

A Day With Tater Tot

 We didn't realize how unhealthy Tater Tot was when we brought her home, months ago. She has gained weight, grown new fur and her paws have healed. She is super strong and playful now and has become very curious about everything! She isn't afraid of people or noises anymore and we don't find her hiding under beds. Now she lays on the sofa. Taking naps, watching the backyard birds and waiting for humans to visit so she can cuddle. You are a special kitty,Tater. 

He Hits Kids With Sticks....

 He hits kids with a stick and we approve of it! There is lil' man above in blue shorts. He had an exciting first season of lacrosse and he is sad to see it end. 
 There he is in blue running with the ball
 playing defense and taking the ball to the goal below
 goal time
 This first year rookie was put in as goalie toward the end of the season and did really well. he was very proud to be put in as goalie. He was able to wear more gear and carry a bigger stick :) 

 ready to block balls
 and this is the look of a 9 year old after playing for 5-6 hours!!! He was given a slurpee treat and he is still running around...