Saturday, September 9, 2017

Throw Back Pics- #2

As I start back to school with a new flock of preschoolers, I couldn't remember what my preschoolers looked like their first year at school. Here you go! 

Throw Back Pics

Get out your tissues. This is what they looked like 7 years ago when Greta was just starting Kindergarten. 
 They would play together when she got home and sing and dance. Fieldin was of course in his "jean" diaper. 
 While Greta was learning her ABC's, Fieldin was roaring around the 'hood. A one toddler bike gang. 
 They would walk to the bus stop together. He wanted to go to school with her. 
 And he was so excited when the bus came. He would then wait for her at the window at drop off time. Man, time does fly. 

Back To School-The Eldest

 7th Grade, ummmm, wasn't she JUST a kindergartner? 
 Yeah, I think so too. There must be some mistake. 

 Her first day was Fieldin's 2nd day so he wanted to get in on more picture taking. 

Have a great year, you two. 

Back To School-The Youngest

 THIRD GRADE! Can you believe it? 
He loves his teacher and loves the homework so far. 

 Not only I was sad to see him go that first day back. I'm thankful I can see him catch the bus each day before I head to work. 
 It is also Fall baseball time around here. He likes to do his batting posture for me :) 

Back To School-Me

 I lost a friend and mentor this summer. I was lucky enough to work with and attend church with this inspiring woman who dedicated her life to children. She is missed so very much and on Sundays, I miss seeing her smiling place in her weekly "spot". I miss seeing her each day when I walk by her classroom. She still continues to inspire me and I am so thankful for knowing her. 
 My classroom is shaping up after a summer of neglect. Floors were waxed, walls and windows cleans and now it is time to put everything back into order...

 All 16 kiddos came in for orientation which was a good time to test out the room, new toys and some changes I had made since last year. It all went well so we are ready! I, I'm pretty sure...yep, I am ready :) 

Friends Are Such Blessings...

Enough Said... 


My favorite things to photograph are plants, nature and bugs. Florida has such beautiful plants I wanted to share... 

 to get these pictures we had to walk through some flooding as you can see here :)