Monday, May 8, 2017

Around Here

Life has been busy. 
We are on an end of school year countdown.
 This guy always has his nose in a book these days. Remind you of someone else?? 
 walking for water with my friend and her mom 
 Greta's new record player. The cat LOVES it. 
 The kids are still volunteering their time and reading to shelter animals. Can you find the cat? 
 This boy loves his blueberries
Loving these sunny days. Longer days for playing outside and doing chemistry experiments with friends in the backyard. 

She Can Hurdle

 So I only asked her one thing when she decided to do track..."Please, don't hurdle" I knew I would have trouble watching it... So this girl, who hates to run decided that she would try to do track to push herself to do something she hates. I thought, Wow that is great, good job, Gret. Then she came home after the first practice and said " I LOVE THE HURDLES". Well, great. 
 Greta at her first meet (above) on the 4 by 100 relay. 
Her "Hurdle Knees" 
Yep, surprise. This girl can hurdle. She got 2nd all around at the meet... 

Seriously.. The Birthday Continues

Greta had a few of her best friends over for a sleepover birthday and to figure out an Escape Room game together. 

 Getting to work. These gals are SMART and they were locked in a room for a hour with a timer counting down, riddles and clues and they figured it out! It took 66 minutes but they did it and there was alot of math involved. They showed me the clues and I was so lost.... 
 Right before the timer... 
 This cat was thrilled when they went upstairs for the evening and left her "spot" alone. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Most Drawn Out Birthday Ever..

We celebrated her day while we were gone but she had not had a chance to open her presents. A fun night of Indian food with her best  friend a day after we got back. Now we await her real party soon.. 
 An awesome science book. Her best friend knows her well :) 
 A few gifts from us but she finally got her retractable shelling basket that she can take on vacations. This girl asks for the most unusual gifts.. ;) 

Happy Birthday To A 12 Year Old and A Goodbye To A City

 This girl Is 12.. Wow! So beautiful in every way... 

 Greta got a birthday chocolaty treat and Fieldin tried his first twinkie, which he hated.. Greta is still yet to try one. 

 I tried to get some birthday pics as we walked around and explored.. she was not overly happy about it.. so yes, she is 12 now, for sure. 

 I found this note.. 
 Birthday breakfast and treat at her favorite place.. 
 on the uber ride to the airport.. 
 reading Charlie Brown and snoopy at the airport... 
 just cannot beleive she is 12... 
 midnight waiting to get to our car for a hour drive home.. 
At take off. The flight attendant gave them model planes to build. Here is the finished product. 

The Windy City II

These kids are city kids... 
 Greta really enjoyed the museums.. There is soo much to see

 The kids loved blue man group

 This guy was taken up on stage and messed with a bit.. this was his human paintbrush art.. He left with blue paint on his face and jello in his hair.. 

 boat tour.. getting to see all the amazing architecture 
 Fieldin taking notes during the tour...

 art institute of Chicago 
 he really liked the knights and armor exhibit
 a beautiful evening from the "L" train.. we got to know our routes well
 The planetarium
 I love when the L train speeds by...

 the bean...above 
 lots of time waiting for the L train.. 

 Chicago dog.. no bun.. and of course no ketchup
 the kids LOVED the subway... loved it.