Thursday, July 20, 2017

In Memory Of Chompers

 We added another memorial rose to our back yard today. This one is for dear Chompers cat that passed away in the Fall. With all the busyness, his rose was not planted yet. I planted the rose in a pot over the place he was buried so the kids can add stones like the one above when ever they would like. They still miss Chomps so very much! I do too. 

Yard Hard Labor Phase 1

 NO MORE GRASS. That was the goal. No more mowing, no more watering, just easy peasy maintenance in the front yard. 
 It was alot of work but in 1 1/2 days the grass was gone and river rock and bark was happily in its place. 

 Except in some places.. more rock is coming for phase II. We had a much bigger yard then we remember and we also realized older muscles and river rock are not the best fit :) The sidewalk strips are done and the majority of the yard. Not much more to go! 

Around Here

 yes, he is still dressing up. All the time. 
 summer means lots of time in the car with smoothies and drawing comics
 It's rare to see these two sitting, let alone relaxing. 
 Spending the night with a fellow bookworm friend. 
 reading with his Harry potter wand... 

Da' Beach

Borrow a mini van, BECAUSE I WILL NOT OWN ONE.. just saying. They are convenient I must say. Any way. Borrow a mini van, load it up with kids and a beautiful Friday at the beach. Ahh, summer. 


We spent some time exploring a new part of Oregon to us with a friend of ours. Fun times and good weather. We couldn't have asked for much more... 

 lava beds 

 obsidian rock fields...I will tell you a secret. He wants you to think that is heavy obsidian rock but he found a piece of light volcanic rock that looks pretty close.. just be impressed :) 


 Pauliana Falls 
 Grumpy Greta 

 Greta and Fieldin headed out in the river for some tubing and swimming
 A play fort at the cabin
late night movies at the cabin... 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Going Home For The 4th

 It has been awhile since I spent the 4th back in my old hometown. 
 Greta with my mom's old records. A wonderful gift from dad. Shes's been listening to them since we got home on her record player. 
 After busy days, cozying up for the night reading
 Grand Coulee Dam with my dad, aunt and uncle 
 Here's our group on the tour.

 Resting above and Greta befriending a sweet cat...
 Checkers with grandpa
 Lots of time in the sprinklers and playing with water balloons
 Someone was spoiled getting a root beer each day. He thought it was the coolest.

 A cut throat game of phase ten with these two.. 
 The 4th of July! 
 It's a looong way home, better get comfortable.