Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween 2017

 Greta and her friends before trick or treating. And yes! They are in short sleeves. After 8 years here this weather blows my mind. 
 This is the look of poor kitty as the groups left trick or treating :( 
 Fieldin and friends trick or treating. It was almost impossible keeping up with them! 
 Halloween sunset. 
 This little guy was beside himself when he saw two of his favorite characters walking around the 'hood. 

 Party game on the porch...
 A close up of Greta's yellow submarine costume that she made. 
No surprise, they cashed in their candy for cold hard cash again this year. Fieldin didn't even keep one piece! He came away with $20 and Greta $18. Fieldin made me stop at the bank  on the way home so he could deposit his cashola. 

A Slight Obsession

 The weather has gotten colder and Fall is here! Which means cougar football and perler beads! We spend hours creating these things together.
 Fieldin's game... 
 yes, Greta really made this out of tiny melty beads. 
 and Jeff made a Star Wars Christmas wreath. I made a minion turkey.. it looks lame next to these pieces of art! 

Star Wars

 We took the kids and Gret's best friend to see the one man Star Wars show before Halloween. The kids dressed up and we all had a WONDERFUL time. It was awesome. While we waited a nice guy had a light saber fight with little man. 

Halloween Prep

 Fieldin's WSU scarecrow 
 pumpkin patch 

 Front porch decorations...

Jack O' Lanterns

 We barely got our pumpkins carved before Halloween. It was a bit of a mad dash.
 Greta's red baron snoopy
 Jeff's lego head
 Fieldin's pac man 
 And mine.. I have no idea, pumpkin :) 

Fall Cake

 A Fall family tradition. I used to make it and the kids would get so excited. The last two years they have made it and decorated the cake together. 

 I asked them to cool it on the candy this year. This is cooling it... 

Oh Man, I Haven't Written In Awhile....

Around here...
It has been busy and the weeks are flying by at light speed. So fast, that I'm not sure I remember all of it. We are in a warp speed fog. :) 
 Greta helping Fieldin with his cello notes. 
 Helping me paint our Halloween front porch decorations
 Getting a Saturday morning Gluten Free Donut treat at Benny's. 
 This one like to hang out at the record store and digging through old cd's 
 The sign on Fieldin's door.. for his new comic book making venture. 
 Fall band concert and that itchy band sweater that she has worked so hard for. Varsity and Jazz band this year! 
 When they have a little bit of free time these days they are busy with their friends. It's a good thing but I do miss them.. 
 Jeff had a free starbucks drink so while Greta was off having fun with her youth group, we treated Fieldin to the new zombie drink... he said it was gross. 
 Jovie cat. She is over a year old now but ALL kitten. 
 I have been busy mentoring a boys robotics team a couple evenings a week. Fieldin is on the team and I am having so much fun watch him get excited when the robot works...